Промстрой Груп
г. Москва,
улица Верейская, дом 29, стр. 33

Логистическая платформа Западно-Сибирского комплекса глубокой переработки углеводородного сырья (УВС) в полиолефины мощностью 2,0 млн тонн в год с соответствующими объектами ОЗХ

Группа Компаний «Промстрой» сегодня - это история достижений и десятки построенных промышленных объектов нефтехимии, добычи, транспортировки и переработки нефти и газа.

The site of works with the area of 8 Hectares is located in the territory of the Tyumen region in 8 km to the West from the city of Tobolsk. The facility is designed for intermediate storage, packaging and shipment of finished products of plants producing polyethylene (high and low density) and polypropylene "Zapsibneftekhim".

< p> the Project involves the construction of a platform near Tobolsk, which will include: a complex of packaging, storage and shipment; silos storage of products; three overpasses of pipelines, as well as a container platform, from which about 300 railway containers with products will be shipped per day. < / p> < p> the Platform is the end point when sending products to consumers, so they are linked into a single system of receiving, packaging and shipping products. In this case, the finished product is shipped to the consumer both in bags and in containers. For this purpose, automated systems of shipment and packaging were provided, which in the future will allow employees of the platform to make decisions quickly and optimize the loading capacity.

< p> within the framework of the strategic partnership Promstroy-Yamata, an integrated project team has been established to implement the project within the deadlines set by the Customer. < / p> < p> the Contract provides for the following types of work: < / p>
    < li>civil works, installation of metal structures< / li> < li>mechanical works< / li> < li>electrical work, installation of instrumentation, low-current networks< / li> < li>installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.< / li> < / ul>

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