Promstroi Group
17, Butlerova str.

Construction of large oil and gas facilities

since 1986


holding for the design and construction of large industrial facilities of the energy sector of the economy.

Formal employment and safe working conditions

We comply with all laws and provide employees with social guarantees.

More than 10 divisions

Division by branches, divisions, subsidiary of community

Team of professionals

Specialists with extensive experience

30 years in the industry

We have been creating industrial facilities in the energy sector of the economy throughout Russia and CIS countries since 1986.

More than 50 ready projects

Zapsibneftekhim polymer complex, Transneft oil pipelines, Antipinsky oil refinery, Caspian pipeline, Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Main gas pipeline, Skovorodino - China Border oil Pipeline and others.

We strive to become a leader in industrial construction in Russia, combining the best Russian and international practices, as well as our own comprehensive project and asset management system.
About holding
Действующие проекты

Строительство временного вахтового поселка строителей на территории Амурского газохимического комплекса для нужд Амурского газоперерабатывающего завода "Газпрома" на 5000 мест

О проекте

Строительство Амурского газоперерабатывающего завода «Газпрома»

Заказчик ООО «Газпром переработка Благовещенск»
О проекте

Строительство посадочной площадки (Аэропорт) в Тобольске

ООО "ЗапСибНефтехим" (СИБУР)
О проекте

Комбинированная установка переработки нефти "ЕВРО+"

ОАО " Газпромнефть-Московский НПЗ»
О проекте

Реконструкция объектов общезаводского хозяйства для функционирования электрообессоливающей установки, установки замедленного коксования и комплекса глубокой переработки нефти на территории действующего завода

ОАО "Газпромнефть - ОНПЗ"
О проекте

Press office

History с 1986 года

1986 год
1986 the state construction trust "Krasnoleninskneftepromstroy" was established»
1994 год
JSC Promstroy is formed
2004 год
creation of LLC "PSM" and "Inzhpromstroy»
2005 год
establishment of CJSC PROMSTROI GROUP. JSC "Promstroy" OOO "PSM" , CJSC "PROMSTROY GROUP" and LLC "Inzhpromstroy" are part of the Group of Companies "PROMSTROI»
2006 год
construction of a large trunk oil pumping station "Mariinsk-2" in the Kemerovo region
2007 год
CJSC SU-6 Neftegazmontazh, JSC Uralmontazhavtomatika, LLC talspetsstroy became a part of Promstroy Group of Companies. The contract with CJSC "Samara-Nafta»
2008 – 2009 гг
Construction of the project-Modernization of the South balyk gas processing complex»
2008 год
JSC Avtomatika and Kazmekhanomontazh LLP are a part of Promstroy Group of Companies»
2009 год
Construction of the Skovorodino — China border oil Pipeline facility»
2011 год
2011-Construction of a shop for the production of styrene-butadiene thermoplastic elastomers on the territory of JSC "Voronezhsintezkauchuk". Completion of major projects.
2012 год
2013 год
Construction of the facility " Expansion of production № 3, 6 for processing gas condensate at the Astrakhan GPP. Pentane-hexane fraction isomerization unit for OAO Gazprom.
2014 – 2016 гг
Project "Construction of structures of the coastal junction section and temporary structures of the Turkish stream project".
2014 – 2017 гг
Construction of the object "III stage of construction of Antipinsky oil refinery CJSC". The fourth launch complex. The title 204. Diesel fuel Hydrotreating unit".
2014 год
Creation of LLC Galfpromstroy Engineering and LLC Promstroy-OMA.
2018 год
Promstroy JSC is involved in a large-scale program of modernization of the Omsk refinery. LLC Ingpromstroy makes production of construction sand and crushed stone for needs of the Amur GPP of Gazprom. Construction of the SIBUR holding project "increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year at JSC Voronezhsintezkauchuk".
2019 год
construction of the facility " Creation of a new production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per year at the site of SIBUR Tobolsk."
с 2015 года
the Inclusion of enterprises of Promstroy group of Companies in the construction of the largest petrochemical complex in Tobolsk – Zapsibneftekhim, owned by SIBUR Group
с 2016 года
Participation in the second stage of complex modernization of the Moscow refinery of JSC Gazpromneft. Construction of combined oil refining unit "Euro+»


Frequent questions

How do you feel about environmental protection?

The specifics of the group of companies "Promstroy" is closely related to the environment. The priority task of the Holding is to prevent environmental violations. It is no less a priority to ensure the safety of employees, protection of the health of the Holding's personnel and the population living in the areas of activity of the Promstroy Group of Companies.

What vacancies are open in the company?

The list of current vacancies is updated daily and is available here
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