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Promstroi JSC

Structural subdivision «Tobolsk»

Information about the facility «Construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity»

Client: ZapSibNeftekhim LLC (SIBUR)
General Contractor: Promstroi JSC
Beginning of the construction: June 2016
Completion of the construction: May 2019

ZapSibNeftekhim project assumes construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity in framework of implementation of the project «West-Siberian complex of raw hydrocarbons deep conversion into polyolefins which capacity is 2.0 million tons per year, including corresponding off-site facilities» not far from Tobolsk city.

ZapSibNeftekhim is a part of the Tobolsk industrial site that combine operating enterprises of Tobolsk-Neftekhim and Tobolsk-Polimer.

Raw materials (8 million tons of NGL per year) will be delivered by South Balyk – Tobolsk pipeline to the raw materials de-ethanizer of ZapSibNeftekhim, where it is split into its component fractions. There were significantly expanded capacities on gas fractionation of Tobolsk-Neftekhim, there were constructed the NGL pipeline from Purovskiy CPP to Tobolsk-Neftekhim and there was expanded carrying capacity of Denisovka non-public utility station of Sverdlovsk rail road in two times.

The Contract provides performance of foundation works, pouring of cast-in-situ concrete, erection of precast concrete, metal structures, installation of underground pipelines (including access manholes, cathodic protection, inplugging, testing under pressure and reassembly), above-ground pipelines (including pressure testing), main equipment and pre-commissioning activities.

The project provides construction of:

  • unit of receipt and unloading of co-catalyst triethylaluminum
  • unit of catalyst preparation
  • reactor of polymerization
  • unit of separation of polypropylene production powder
  • recycle gas compressor station
  • unit of purification of polypropylene and butene
  • tank for hot polypropylene and tank for butene
  • cooling plant
  • discharge systems
  • compressor station
  • blower for pneumatic conveyor system of polypropylene powder
  • blending plant for polypropylene pellets
  • extrusion compression molding
  • transformer sub-station
  • flare system








г. Москва



АО «Промстрой»

г. Нягань (ХМАО)


АО «Специализи-
рованное управление №6 Нефтегазмонтаж»

г. Ставрополь



г. Тюмень



Республика Казахстан,
г. Алматы


завод технологических

Республика Беларусь,
г. Новополоцк



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Зависимые предприятия


ООО «Талспецстрой»

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