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December 27, 2018

New Year's address of the President of JSC «PROMSTROI GROUP» A.S. Kazmina:

Dear friends, colleagues!

Please accept my warmest congratulations on the coming New Year!
On the eve of this good holiday, I would like to recall the main events of the year.
This year we were faced with ambitious tasks: the simultaneous implementation of 7 major projects in 5 geographic locations. Completed and successfully put into operation «Boiler House and OZH facilities». The final stage is the implementation of the projects «Polypropylene installation», «Logistic platform» in Tobolsk, «Combined installation «Euro +» of the Moscow Refinery in Moscow. Also, new projects were successfully launched - «Increasing the capacity of thermoplastic elastomers» at Voronezhsintezkauchuk in Voronezh, upgrading the Omsk refinery in Omsk, as a foundation for work for 2019. On Amur, our company successfully supplies materials and equipment for the construction of facilities of the general plant of the Amur GPP.
The contribution of each of you to the development of our holding is invaluable. The number of our team in 2018 has doubled and today exceeds 4,000 people.
And, being guided by passed and endured this year, we make grandiose plans for the future.
It depends on you and me, what the next year will be, whether it will be successful, productive, joyful.
I sincerely wish each of you first of all health and family happiness.
May all your plans come true. Let joy, prosperity and love reign in every home. Let all our enterprises become stronger and more successful!

Happy holiday! Happy New Year 2019!

December 27, 2018

On December 26, the team of the separate subdivision «Omsk» Promstroi JSC, organized a New Year charity event for pupils of «Orphanage No. 4» in the city of Omsk. Doing good by our builders on the eve of the New Year has become a good and good tradition. And this year, the people of Promstroi did not remain indifferent. Our builders organized a fundraiser to help children - pupils of the Orphanage 4. In addition, as feasible as possible, at the request of the administration of the Orphanage, a partial replacement of heating radiators was organized, which made it possible to solve a serious problem in the winter, especially in conditions of such severe Siberian frosts. At the children's New Year's matinee, each child received a sweet gift, personally collected by the active member of OP Omsk. Let every child know that a builder is a wonderful creative profession. And the people in our company not only build the largest construction sites in the oil and gas industry, but they strive to make this world brighter, kinder and better. Promstroi Group of Companies thanks the initiators of this action and all those who took part in fundraising and organizing a children's holiday!

December 25, 2018

As part of the project «Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year», the general contractor of which is Promstroi JSC, a separate subdivision «Voronezh» installed a distillation column for cleaning and drying of solvent MS-122-2 , column height - 26 meters.
In total, 31 units of technological equipment are currently installed, 96 tons of steel structures, 7 pits designed with a total volume of 18,757 cubic meters, backfilling of 12,439 cubic meters, filled with 2016 cubic meters of concrete, 563 meters of utility networks were laid.
The facility mobilized 134 personnel workers (including machine operators), 7 units of heavy equipment.
The total percentage of readiness - 18.2%.

December 19, 2018

Promstroi, JSC took the 2nd place in the Competition for the title of «Best contractor» to improve safety culture in the field of occupational safety, industrial safety and environmental protection in the performance of construction works on the project «Construction of facilities for the Omsk refinery».
The competition was one of a number of events of the Forum on labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection, organized on December 19 by JSC "NIPIGAZ», in the framework of the plan of proactive measures on the line of HSE for the 4th quarter of 2018. As part of the Forum, the summing up of the work of services FROM, PB and OOS Contractors for the period 4 quarter of 2018 - evaluation of the Customer, where Promstroi, JSC was awarded the second place.

December 08, 2018

December 8 in Tobolsk held the final stages of the corporate team game «Security begins with you!» with the participation of 11 teams from all units of the OP «Tobolsk». The competition was won by the team «the Elusive experts in TVET», the Silver prize-winner became the team of «Eureka». And the construction control team completed the top three. Congratulations to the winners!
Recall that the game «Security begins with you!» it has become the main event of the decade on labor protection, which takes place at the Tobolsk construction site from 1 to 10 December and is organized by the service of OT, PB and OOS in the framework of the strategy of the Promstroi Group of companies to develop the competence of «Safety» and improve the safety culture of its employees and employees of contractors.
Also in the framework of the decade for the protection of labor at the Tobolsk site events and work with staff and thematic campaign «Safety starts with ME!».

December 05, 2018

From 1 to 10 December at the Tobolsk construction site in the framework of the strategy of Promstroi, JSC for the development of competence «SAFETY» and improve the level of safety culture of employees declared decade of labor protection.
As part of this decade, the main event was a corporate team game of the same name: «Security begins with you!». 11 teams-participants from all divisions of OP «Tobolsk» under the leadership of captains of teams take part in the game. The first two stages of the game were held in an interactive form on the job. The team captains received the main tasks, rules and requirements by e-mail.
The first stage of the game «FLASH POLL» was held on December 3, and today the team passed the stage called «the ASSOCIATION» and also received «HOMEWORK».
Following the results of the first two stages, three teams with the highest number of points took the lead. This Saturday, December 8, the teams will fight for the victory in the next two stages of the team game.
Events of this format, organized by the specialists of the service FROM, BOP and OOS, are a bright and exciting tool to promote a culture of safety for everyone. After all, security begins with itself. We are waiting for the next news on the results of the final of the team game very soon! And we wish good luck to the teams!

November 29, 2018

The readiness of the Zapsibneftekhim complex has already crossed the 90% mark. A unit for the production of polypropylene with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year (UPP), the contractor for the construction of which is Promstroi, JSC, has been built almost 100%. From the objects of the OZH on a constant (design) scheme on the object arrive: Circulating water, Steam, Air Instrumentation. Preparatory work for the supply of nitrogen and saline water.
Commissioning works are performed on the design energy carriers of the ventilation and heating systems.

November 23, 2018

At 23 of november the last of 36 acts of mechanical readiness was signed for the construction part of the project «Polypropylene production unit with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year».

November 21, 2018

On November 22, 2016, on the basis of the assembly and technological area No. 2, a new building and assembly department was created, the main tasks of which were: to increase the number of key workers to 70 people, master the volumes on the current project in Tobolsk and develop their own competencies. Among the main projects of SMU are such as: the project «Reconstruction of a complex for processing NGL SIBUR Tobolsk LLC», further «Construction of a temporary camp, field offices and a workshop for applying fire protection, including general construction and mechanical installation works» and «Construction of a polypropylene production unit 500 thousand tons per year». Currently, work is underway to implement one of the key projects of Promstroi JSC - «Reconstruction of plant facilities for the operation of an electrical desalting plant, a delayed coking unit and a deep oil refining complex on the territory of the existing plant» as part of a large-scale modernization program for Omsk Gazprom neft refinery.
Today SMU is 80 people of highly qualified installers of metal structures and technological pipelines, welders RAD and RD, with a full-fledged staff of engineers and technicians. After 2 years of hard work and development, the Construction and Installation Department is ready to carry out a full range of such works as: installation of metal structures of any complexity, installation of process equipment of any complexity, installation of technological pipelines of any complexity. Along with high performance in the work and the results achieved, I would like to mention the work of the team. Those people who today are part of SMU and congratulate on the 2-year date of foundation of management.
A large and friendly team of our holding joins the congratulations of colleagues! Let only the most ambitious goals, high achievements and performance be always in the life of each of you, and at home let you have warmth, comfort and well-being!

November 15, 2018

On November 15, at the Tobolsk industrial site, the specialists of the labor protection and industrial safety service of JSC «Promstroi» organized a number of events dedicated to the International day of Smoking cessation: Actions «Tree of life» and «Change cigarettes for sweets». The main objectives of these actions are: to attract the attention of employees to the negative harm of Smoking to health, promotion of healthy lifestyles, reducing the prevalence of tobacco dependence and support those wishing to abandon the addiction.
«Every day the average smoker spends 2 hours of his life Smoking. And with each cigarette his health deteriorates, and the life span is reduced. But this time he can spend on other activities that bring him joy and pleasure, and thereby prolonging, not shortening life. Socializing with friends, playing sports and likes, Hobbies, helping other people make life more full and bright,» - said the head of the service from health, safety and environment Tatiana Koralskaya.
In the events of adoption by the employees of the construction objects «the Installation for the production of polypropylene with capacity of 500 thousand tons per year» and «Logistics platform» and staff and staff of the town of JSC «Promstroi».
Among the participants of the action also there was a lottery in which he won the employee of the Contracting organization LLC «SNEMA-SERVIS» and engineer, industrial engineering unit of JSC «Promstroi». The winners were awarded with valuable prizes by the event organizers.

November 12, 2018

Priamurskiy «Inzhpromstroi» will provide sand GOST 8736-2014 construction company of the Amur gas processing plant «Gazprom».
The enterprise of the Amur region «Inzhromstroi» has become one of the largest suppliers of materials for the Amur gas processing plant «Gazprom», the construction of which is carried out in the Svobodnensky district of the region. At the moment materials «Inzhpromstroi» transferred all plaster and concrete nodes of the Amur gas processing plant, which will provide a constant workload for the duration of the construction project. Since June this year and to the present time 71 232 tons of construction sand, 5 436 tons of crushed stone, 2 600 tons of gravel crushing, 2 945 cubic meters of sand and gravel mix, soil have been sold.
The high volume of deliveries «Inzhpromstroi» ensures crushing and screening equipment (DSO) designed to produce building sand, crushed stone cube, and elimination. The equipment was installed in March this year and allowed in a short time to increase the depth of processing of sand and gravel mixture to 75%, thereby reorienting the mortar and concrete plants to the consumption of products of «Inzhpromstroi».
«Previously, our company did not produce materials of such quality according to its technical characteristics, primarily construction sand. Materials such as crushed stone and screenings cannot be obtained without crushing and screening equipment in General. Thus, the acquisition of us crushing and screening equipment in Svobodnensky area allowed to expand the range of products primarily for the needs of companies engaged in the construction of the Amur gas processing plant», – said General Director of «Inzhpromstroi» Oleg Natalchenko.
«Inzhpromstroi» specializes in the licensed production and sale of common minerals (construction sand, rock soil, sand and gravel mix) and is part of the group of companies «Promstroi» engaged in the construction of large industrial facilities of the energy sector of the economy.

November 06, 2018

ZapsibNeftekhim summed up the Month of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection, in which Promstroi was actively represented by the Occupational Health and Safety Service of the Structural Subdivision «Tobolsk». At the end of the month, Promstroi JSC took the third place in the «Best Contracting Organization» direction on the «Construction of ZapSibNeftekhim-2» project, receiving a commemorative «Bronze helmet» and a cash certificate.
Awarding of the winners on the basis of the month was held on November 6 at the viewing platform «Sibur-Trans». For the active participation in the activities of the health and safety month, Promstroi JSC was awarded a Certificate of Honor for the «Safe Gas Safety Works». Diplomas for participation in the contest «Creative Presentation of Key Safety Rules and Safe Work Analysis» also awarded Promstroi JSC and «Thermal Insulation-1» contracting organization.
We are proud of our colleagues! Congratulations on successful results!

November 06, 2018

As part of the project «Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year», ordered by Voronezhsintezkauchuk JSC, Voronezh OP Promstroi began the installation of process equipment - 2 mixing tanks MS214E and MS214F on title 210 «Polymer solution averaging unit».
Completed installation of metal structures on the title 431, work began on the pre-assembly of metal structures title 200. Total currently mounted 23 tons of steel structures, 7 pits were designed with a total volume of 17,652 m3, backfilling of 9,352 m3 was made, 1433 m3 of concrete is poured, 478 meters of engineering networks were laid.
The facility mobilized 110 personnel (including machine operators), 12 units of heavy equipment. The total percentage of project readiness in the area of responsibility of Promstroy JSC is 13.27%.

November 02, 2018

The construction management of the OZH facilities completed the construction of the Kotelnaya facility. The object is transferred to commissioning. Currently, commissioning organizations have launched and set up three out of five water boilers. One boiler is operating normally for consumers. The pumping equipment was put into operation.
The complex of works on the construction of the facility «Mezhavodskaya platform of technological pipelines» was also completed. The object is transferred to commissioning.

October 29, 2018

The project team of the Logistics platform started commissioning of heating and heat supply systems, three individual heat points, 16 029 m of pipelines, 361 units of equipment were installed. On 27 October adopted a coolant (Vapor) to adjacent installation «Polyethylene».

October 18, 2018

The Promstroi project office in Tobolsk has begun installation of the 6, 7, 8 section of the torch as part of the construction of a polypropylene production plant with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year.

October 11, 2018

Maxim Dergunov, specialist in BOP, OT and OSS of Promstroi, became the best following the results of the review competition of subcontractors on the project «Construction of the combined oil refining unit EURO+» Gazpromneft-MNPZ. The competition consisted of a testing phase and a stage of so-called risk assessment during the periodic review. The main organizer of the contest is JSC NIPIGAS - General building contractor.
«The General principles and values that have been developed over time and which we are guided by in the planning, production and control of works allow our companies to be recognized as leaders in terms of compliance with the requirements for labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection at their facilities,» Maxim stressed and noted that the victory in this competition is the merit of a large team of colleagues under the leadership of Vladimir Ivanovich Smorodin.
We sincerely congratulate Maxim and all the colleagues with the victory in the contest and wish them further success!

October 11, 2018

Promstroi JSC successfully and at the proper level passed the observational audit of the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 18001-2007 as part of the transition to new versions of the standards with the receipt of the corresponding confirming certificates.
Promstroi JSC organized work on assessing the risks of the functioning of the main and auxiliary processes, and also created all conditions for assessing the relationship between goals and performance indicators, functional areas and work of each employee with common goals and indicators of Promstroi JSC, motivating employees to support processes continuous improvements in the company, consolidation of production, financial, strategic indicators and indicators in the field of industrial safety.
We express gratitude to all colleagues involved for the great work done! The next recertification audit will take place at the end of 2019!

October 10, 2018

Employees of the Safety, Health and Environment Protection Service of Promstroi JSC in Tobolsk took an active part in the cleanup, organized as part of the month for occupational safety, industrial safety and environmental protection at the site of ZapSibNeftekhim LLC. The adjacent territory of the camp of the construction workers “VGS-2” was cleared of production and consumption waste, and the alarm barriers of the dangerous zones were promptly restored.

October 09, 2018

Promstroi, JSC involved in the supply of materials and equipment for the construction of the Amur gas processing plant of Gazprom (the investor and the customer of the project – LLC «Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk»), which will be the largest in Russia and the second largest in the world factory on processing of natural gas. In the area of responsibility of the supplier – materials and equipment of the plant facilities.
The total volume of planned supply of materials from Promstroi, JSC by July 2019 will be: 38 thousand tons of steel structures, 18 thousand tons of pipeline, 1 thousand tons of seamless pipe, bends and fittings, 434 m of cable.

October 09, 2018

August 30 at JV «Novopolotsk plant of technological metal structures» in the Republic of Belarus took place the transfer of responsibility for further implementation, maintenance and development of the Production system Promstroi (SRP) in the linear activities of the management company. The transfer of responsibility has completed the active phase of implementation of the PSP on NZTM by the project team of JSC «PROMSTROI group» on the Pilot sites: the site of procurement and Assembly and Assembly and welding area.
The results of the implementation phase were summed up at the ceremony of transfer of responsibility. Workers NZTM, took an active part in the implementation of PSP, were awarded with certificates.
As part of the implementation of the PSP on the NZTM were held trainings and training sessions with employees of the enterprise on the practical application of the Production system tools:

  • The system 5C
  • Visual performance management
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Improvement in small steps
  • Value stream mapping
  • Standard of Manager's work
  • Commitment of managers to security issues.

There were more than 250 employees in the training perimeter.
For self-implementation of the production system on the NZTM was prepared by a team of internal trainers-methodologists on the tools of PSP from the employees of the enterprise, as well as curators on the tools of PSP from among managers.
The next phase of implementation of PSP on NZTM defined painting area of steel structures.
The purpose of the implementation of the PSP on NZTM is one hundred percent coverage of all divisions of the enterprise with the tools of the Production system in 2018 - 2019 to improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise and reduce all types of losses.
The next global stage of the Promstroi Production system will be the introduction of PSP in its own structural units of Promstroi.

September 22, 2018

Promstroi, JSC involved in the construction of the object «Increase in the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year».

Promstroi, JSC and Voronezhsintezkauchuk, JSC signed a General contract for the implementation of a complex of construction and installation works in the framework of the project SIBUR holding «Increase in the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year at Voronezhsintezkauchuk, JSC».
The contract provides for civil works, supply and installation of steel structures, installation of process pipelines and equipment, corrosion protection, fire protection, insulation, electrical work and instrumentation.
Completion of works in the area of responsibility of Promstroi, JSC is planned in January 2020.

September 20, 2018

The project office of OP Omsk took part in the review competition at the Omsk OCP construction project for the Omsk Refinery. The organizer was NIPIGAZ, JSC. Promstroi, JSC was awarded with letters of thanks in the nominations:

  • prevention of the accident / timely response
  • for active participation in ensuring work safety at the construction site of the work process

Congratulations to colleagues!

September 20, 2018

LLC «NZTM» became the winner of the XV Anniversary Republican professional competition «The Best construction product of the year - 2018».
Our enterprise - SOOO «Novopolotsk plant of technological metal structures» in the Republic of Belarus won in the nomination: «The Best complex system, technical solution in construction». Colleagues provided for the main professional competition of the Republic in the field of construction of metal structures for reinforcement of skip and cage shafts of Ust-yayvinsky mine. The jury of the competition noted the high technical solutions, performance, consumer properties of the product submitted to the competition and a decent level of production.
The organizers of the XV Anniversary Republican professional competition «The Best construction product of the year-2018» were:

  • Belarusian national technical Institute
  • RUE «Institute BelNIIS»
  • BSC «Business media»

We congratulate our colleagues on receiving such a significant award!

September 10, 2018

The progress of the construction of the Logistic Platform facility within the framework of the West Siberian complex of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials into polyolefins with a design capacity of 2 million tons per year with the corresponding facilities of the OPC is 91.8%. The facility is designed for intermediate storage, packaging and shipment of finished products of polyethylene (high and low density) production plants and polypropylene «ZapSibNeftekhima».
The platform is the end point when sending products to consumers, so the project is linked into a single whole system of receiving, packaging and shipping products. At the same time, the finished product is shipped to the consumer both in bags and in containers. For this purpose, automated dispatch and packaging complexes were provided, which in future will allow the platform's employees to make quick decisions and optimize loading capacities. In the area of responsibility Promstroi works are executed at 90.69%.

September 01, 2018


Moscow oil refinery Gazprom Neft is completing the construction of a new high-tech combined oil refining unit «Euro+». The construction site at the final stage of the work was inspected by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and Chairman of the Board JSC «Gazprom Neft» Alexander Dyukov. Euro+ is a key project of the second stage of environmental modernization of the Moscow refinery, which Gazprom Neft has been continuing since 2011.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art Euro+ complex, the Moscow refinery will decommission five previous-generation plants and further reduce the company's environmental impact. Advanced technologies will ensure the growth of aviation and automobile fuel production. The largest domestic manufacturers of equipment participate in the construction of the plant.
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted that the modernization of the Moscow refinery is a contribution to the ecology of the city. «Currently, the plant is completing the construction of a modern oil refining complex «Euro+», which will replace five obsolete installations of the «small technological ring» of the 60s of the last century. This is the main project of the second stage of modernization of the refinery», - said Sergey Sobyanin.
«Since 2011, Gazprom Neft has invested more than 160 billion rubles in the modernization of the Moscow refinery. Projects were implemented for the transition of the plant to the production of Euro-5 fuel, the construction of innovative biological treatment facilities «Biosphere», the introduction of the industry's first automated environmental monitoring system, a new complex «Euro+» will be built. This is not the end of the modernization program — the work on decommissioning of obsolete «small ring» units and preparation of the construction of the deep oil refining complex is ahead. The aggregate amount of investments of «Gazprom oil» in updating capacities of the enterprise will make 250 billion by 2021», said Chairman of the Board «Gazprom oil» Alexander Dyukov.
To date, the readiness of the complex «Euro+» is 97%. Specialists have already completed the installation of large equipment and basic metal structures. Electrical installation works and setting up of automated systems continue. The launch of the complex is scheduled for 2019.

Text and photo by the press center of JSC «Gazpromneft». Source link.

September 01, 2018

General progress in the construction of the plant for the production of polypropylene capacity of 500 000 tons per year (SCP) exceeded the mark of 90%.
42% of the roads, sites and sidewalks have been completed.
Heat insulation of pipelines is 35% complete.
At 59%, technological pipelines were tested.
80% of the pipelines are delivered through the final inspection.
JSC «Promstroi» started installation of technological pipelines of the flare unit.

August 23, 2018

The project office of OP «Omsk» is actively working in the framework of a large-scale modernization of the Omsk oil refinery. JSC «NIPIGAS», which manages the design, supply and construction works (EPC) of the off-plant facilities (OPC), built in the framework of the second stage of the large-scale modernization program of Omsk refinery «Gazpromneft», in 2018 attracted as one of the construction contractors of the project «Promstroi». The overall progress in the construction of off-site facilities reached 25%. Mounted 14,8 thousand concrete structures, 8.3 thousand. tons of steel structures. Cable installation-11, 5 km, underground pipelines-0.8 thousand tons.

Completion of works in the area of responsibility of JSC «Promstroi» is planned in the third quarter of 2019.

August 14, 2018

Inzhpromstroi, LLC successfully, in the conditions of raising the level of the Zeya river, carries out hydro-washing works on the extraction of inert materials for the needs of the Amur gas processing plant. Zeya is the largest river in the Amur basin. According to the results of work in June, more than 50 000 m3 of materials were washed.

July 23, 2018

On July 23, 1986, the state building trust «Krasnoleninskneftepromstroi» was established in Nyagan city. From this date the historical report of stages of development of «Promstroi» group of companies is being dated. During the large-scale economic crisis of 1990s the trust managed to win the fight over time and preserve its existence despite everything. The tasks of "Krasnoleninskneftepromstroi" were as grand as all that was created during the years of rapid development of oil and gas complex of Western Siberia. Construction of Krasnoleninsky arch is the main purpose of Oil and Gas Industry Construction Ministry, but it is only half of the construction mission in the high north.

The history of our Company is a history of achievements, dozens of constructed industrial petrochemical facilities, production, transportation and oil and gas processing.

Let it be only better!

July 19, 2018

The main value of a successful company is its employees. All employees of our enterprises are absolutely sure in the future, as they work in a stable, socially responsible company that complies with labor legislation with exceptionally "white" payments!

If you have any questions regarding compliance with labor legislation on the part of the employer on the Tobolsk construction site, you can contact the public reception office of "Promstroi" (camp, dormitory 17, room 6). Schedule of work is weekly on Tuesdays from 20-00 to 21-00.

There is also a Hotline of the Tobolsk site of SIBUR, and employees can leave an application for cases of non-payment of salaries by its phone numbers (8-800-301-18-17, 277-717).

July 09, 2018

In the framework of «Construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity» of the project «West-Siberian complex of raw hydrocarbons deep conversion into polyolefins which capacity is 2.0 million tons per year, including corresponding off-site facilities» a set of works on adjustment and testing of high-voltage equipment in C57000 transformer substation was carried out and permit for voltage supply was obtained from the North-Ural Department of Rostechnadzor No. -199/574.

In advance of 30 calendar days from the schedule of works, we began to conduct a loop test of PPF field equipment.


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