Promstroi Production System

Today a focus is put on technologies, new competitive advantages in any Russian and foreign Business. All successful global and Russian companies are implementing their production system. Production System implementation Manager of Promstroi, Mr.Veniamin Kudayarov told us more about advantages of this system.

«The production system is aimed at changing the corporate culture that allows to use creatively and efficiently all possible resources/potential of the enterprise and to eliminate all available losses. It is based on respect for each other, on increasing the efficiency of production and management through the involvement of personnel in the processes of continuous improvement. The production system can not be simply copied, borrowed, it can only be adapted to your Business, your personnel, your Production culture, while constantly supporting and developing, so as not to spend these competitive advantages and to remain attractive to your clients and customers. The Promstroi production system (PPS) tools are a set of the best world and domestic practices that allow to increase the efficiency of production and management processes, make our work more secure, and work places are more rational and less labor-consuming. They help all staff to identify losses/problems in a timely manner, to classify and to eliminate them. Thus, it returns significant funds to the company's budget that can be used to develop production, increase a range of products, train the staff, create new jobs, increase a social satisfaction of employees. Novopolotsk Metal Structures Plant, JV LLC (NZTM) which is a leading enterprise of Promstroi Group of Companies is a pilot project of PPS implementation.

From February 05 to February 09, 2018 kick-off meetings regarding the start of the Project were held at NZTM in order to inform the staff of the enterprise about objectives and the tools of PPS. Training sessions were conducted by experienced trainers: V.M.Kudayarov, A.V.Egorov, E.A.Novikova. A plan of actions for PPS implementation at NZTM was made.

In February - March 2018, the internal trainers of NZTM will be trained and certified in the field of the Lean Production (LP) and the Leader Standard Work (LSW), as soon as the external trainers of Promstroi, JSC leave to new production sites of PPS implementation within Promstroi, JSC on August 01, 2018, they will be able to independently implement, maintain and develop PPS tools in all divisions of NZTM. During the same period, all the personnel of the enterprise will be trained to use the tools of LP and LSW.

From April 01, 2018 to July 31, 2018, it is planned to implement the basic tools of PPS at the Pilot section of the production unit of NZTM.

A successful implementation of PPS in Promstroi Group of Companies will allow to:

  • build all business processes at the system level within the framework of United Promstroi
  • improve cross-functional interaction both within departments and between the functions/directorates of the Company
  • minimize penalties imposed on Promstroi Group of Companies by the consumers/the General Contractor and the Client of the projects on the quality and timing of construction/order fulfillment, violations of HSE requirements by the Company employees
  • qualitatively work out technical documentation for future Projects at the stage of Startup
  • supply material and technical resources for production upon the system «Just in time»
  • train the Company's employees to lean production techniques, methods of search and elimination of losses for their active involvement and participation in the development of proposals for increasing production efficiency in a so-called continuous improvement system.





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