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Ongoing projects

Creation of a new production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per year at the site of SIBUR Tobolsk LLC
Reconstruction of off-site facilities for electrical desalting plant operation, delayed unit and Advanced Oil Refining Complex in the territory of the operational plant
Logistics platform
Combined Oil Refining Unit Euro+
Construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity

Completed projects for the last few years

Construction of temporary rotational camp, field offices and workshop for application of fire retardant paint including general construction and mechanical installation works
III construction phase of Antipinsky Oil Refinery CJSC. The forth start-up complex. Title 204. Diesel fuel hydrotreating unit.
Reconstruction of NGL complex, SIBUR Tobolsk LLC
Construction of landfall facilities and temporary construction facilities at the project «Turkish Stream»
Expansion of natural gas liquids processing production No.3 and 6 in Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant. Pentane-Hexane Fraction Isomerization Unit
«Construction of -PS-4, including externally gas supply facilities» within the project «Expansion of the Caspian Pipeline in the Territory of the RF»
Alexandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzhensk Main Pipeline. Pervomaika Oil Pumping Station
Ethylene Oxide and Glycol Production
«Section Gas Fractionation Plant 2» of the project «Expansion of WSLH Processing Plant no less than 5.8 million tons per year»
«Yuzhnaya Commodities and Raw Materials Base» within the project «Expansion of WSLH Processing Plant no less than 5.8 million tons per year»
Isomerization Complex of Pentane-Hexane Fraction
Reconstruction of OPS «Astrakhan» within the framework of the project «Expansion of Caspian Pipeline in the Territory of the RF»
Construction of Pokrovskaya Gas Processing Plant (GPP)
Construction of Kuibyshev – Unecha – Mozyr-1 pipeline section. Bypass of the town of Penza (Penza Region)
Production of butadiene styrene thermoplastic elastomers with the capacity of 50000 tons per annum
Increase in WLHF in Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Treatment Plant in the city of Put-Yakh
Replacement of Final Stage of Yaroslavl – Moscow Main Pipeline, 283-297 km. Technical Re-Equipment
Baltic Pipeline System (BPS II). First phase commissioning. Adjustment. Oil Pumping Station No.3
Extension of Yuzhno-Balyk Gas Processing Complex
Oil pipeline «Skovorodino – the PRC’s Border»
Oil processing and delivery unit to main oil pipelines of Samara Region
OPS Mariinsk-2 of Novosibirsk District Oil Pipeline Agency (Kemerovo Region)
Operation and Maintenance service facility «Ust-Kut»
Construction of Vertical Steel Tanks with the capacity of 50000 cubic meters in Nikolskoye settlement
Construction of Vertical Steel Tanks No.1 with the capacity of 50000 cubic meters in Storage Park «Lopatino»
First stage of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean. Oil pipeline system 4.




Promstroi JSC


Director General - Aleksey Kazmin

Main services of Promstroi JSC

General contractors functions in the course of construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of industrial projects, facilities for chemical and petrochemical industries, and projects for oil & gas complex.

About the Company

Joint Stock Company Promstroi is a construction company performing general contractor services during design and construction of large-scale industrial projects. Also the Company performs on the following conditions:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

The Company was founded on the basis of Krasnoleninskneftepromstroi construction and mounting trust that was established by the Order of the Ministry of Construction of Enterprises of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR on 23 July 1986 in the town of Nyagan (the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District). The trust was to provide infrastructure and equipment for Krasnoleninskiy oil fields and to carry out the construction of the town of Nyagan.

In 1994 due to privatization Krasnoleninskneftepromstroi trust was transformed into Open Joint Stock Company Promstroi. It was a period when oil industry was not developing. And OJSC Promstroi expanded both its specialization and operating geography. The construction process performed by OJSC Promstroi is organized in such a way that apart from administrative and economic relations, the construction subsidiaries comprising the Holding are united by outstaffing service contracts.

Such organization established on the basis of positive production experience allows sending human and technical resources of affiliated companies, if required, in order to resolve operational and tactical tasks during construction.

Thanks to experienced management and highly qualified staff, OJSC Promstroi provides direct operative management and construction organization from its preparation and commencement of works to its commissioning to the Customer bearing all responsibility for the construction progress and its quality.

Own resources


Type of employees Number of employees
Office and management staff 144
Engineering and technical staff 167
Craft labour 23
Related workers 86
Auxiliary staff 32


Type of equipment Number of units
Excavation and road machinery 41
Hoisting machineries 26
Mobile personnel facilities 260
Transportation equipment 91
Welding equipment 72

Contact details

Postal address: Business Center NEO GEO, korpus V, 17, Butlerova street, Moscow, Russia, 117342
Actual address: Business Center NEO GEO, korpus V, 17, Butlerova street, Moscow, Russia, 117342
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Telephone: +7(495)649-30-67
E-mail: PS.Moscow@promstroi-group.ru





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