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May 07, 2019

The total percentage of readiness of the construction site “Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year” at the end of April amounted to 38.83%: 97 units of technological equipment, 527.4 tons of metal structures were mounted, 3270 m3 of concrete were poured , 607 meters of engineering networks were laid, 16094 inch-diameter joints of technological pipelines were welded. The facility mobilized 186 personnel workers (including machine operators), 8 units of heavy equipment.

April 29, 2019

Chief specialist of labor protection and industrial safety of JSC «Promstroi» Olesya Shevchenko was awarded the Gratitude of the Head of the Directorate of LLC «Zapsibneftekhim» for caring and responsible performance of their duties, as well as for an active position in the field of labor protection.
In «Promstroi» Olesya came in 2015 as a master to the construction site «Modernization of the GF-2 complex». And in February 2016, on the advice of the Director of the branch, she moved to the service of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.
«It is the fact that I worked in the production, as they say: «inside the construction process» - helps me to better and better perform their professional functionality. I love my profession, I consider it one of the most necessary and important at the construction site. After all, to save life is the most important Mission of a Specialist of labor Protection. I was very lucky with the team. And with all responsibility I can say that Promstroi is a really strong team of professionals, which can handle any, even the most complex projects. The more complex – the more interesting.
Like anyone who loves and lives his profession, my dream - more interesting work...albeit difficult ... But I will put all my knowledge to ensure that the work was safe. To achieve success and implementation of tasks, it is necessary «TO BE, not to seem» - to be a professional in the chosen profession».

April 26, 2019

Promstroi JSC launched the project «Creating a New Maleic Anhydride Production (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per year at the site of SIBUR Tobolsk LLC». For the period of work on April 4-25, 2019, all necessary equipment was mobilized at the construction site (truck crane, excavators, dump trucks, truck tractor, bulldozer) and 20 workers, developed 26,320 m3 of soil, dismantled 121 running meters pipeline and 43.5 m3 of reinforced concrete. Nikolai Yakovlev was appointed the head of the construction project at the IAS, who previously headed the General Construction Department of one of the largest projects of Promstroi JSC - «Construction of a polypropylene production plant with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year as part of SIBUR’s West Siberian Complex for the Advanced Processing of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials into Polyolefins project capacity of 2 million tons per year with the corresponding objects of OZH».
Recall, Promstroi JSC is the general contractor for the implementation of the preparatory period for the MAN project, which will be the first Russian production of this raw material. Currently in Russia, maleic anhydride is not produced. The capacity of the new production is 45 thousand tons per year, the expected start-up date is 2021. Completion of works in the area of responsibility of Promstroi JSC is scheduled for August 2019.

April 15, 2019

The company of the Promstroi Group of Companies - «Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Metal Structures» JLLC - continues to manufacture and supply metal structures for the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant Gazprom (the project investor and customer is «Gazprom Processing Blagoveshchensk», project management is «NIPIGAZ» JSC) in Svobodny, which will become the largest natural gas processing plant in Russia and the second largest in the world.
At the moment, 126 wagons with a total weight of more than 3,700 tons of manufactured metal structures have been shipped, of which more than 3,100 tons have been received at the construction site and 600 tons on the way. In the period April – June 2019, another 2500 tons of steel structures were launched under this project.

April 04, 2019

JSC «Promstroi» will perform works within the construction of the facility «Creation of a new production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per year» at the site of SIBUR Tobolsk Group.
The capacity of the new production is 45 thousand tons per year, the expected start-up period is 2021. The new production will create high-tech jobs.
Maleic anhydride is used in construction, agriculture, automotive, paints, furniture, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It is the raw material for films, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, detergents, fuel components and oils. The use of man allows to achieve high strength of products, as well as its resistance to moisture, sudden changes in temperature and mechanical stress.
Currently, maleic anhydride is not produced in Russia.
Completion of works in the area of responsibility of JSC «Promstroi» is scheduled for August 2019.

April 03, 2019

In the field office of JSC NIPIgazpererabotka of the city of Tobolsk, rewarding of contractors was held as part of the February Month of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection LLC ZapSibNeftekhim.
According to the results of the month, Promstroi JSC (Separate subdivision "Tobolsk") took the first place in the contest "Revizorro" according to the results of inspections of maintenance of household facilities in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements.
In addition, Promstroi JSC took prizes in the results of the competition «Labor Safety: The Way of Creativity» represented by the following employees of the Department of AKZ and OGZ:

  • Anton Y. Zaichenko, production preparatory engineer, who took second place
  • Mingairov Rais Mingalimovich, chief specialist in industrial safety and labor protection, who took the third place
  • Nurullin Fidan Flarikovich, chief specialist in industrial safety and labor protection, who took the third place.

Also the Certificate of Honor for participation was awarded to Alexandra Kulakova, a leading specialist of the Labor Protection, Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Service.

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