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July 09, 2019

As part of the project “Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year”, Title 450 “Installation of air emissions cleaning” by the Separate Voronezh subdivision of Promstroi JSC installed a chimney 30 m long, 2 m diameter, weight 13070 t.

In total, 146 units of technological equipment, 830 tons of metal structures, 3430 m3 of concrete are poured, 1452 m of utility networks are laid, 40409d-d joints of technological pipelines are installed at the facility, in the area of responsibility of Promstroi JSC.
335 workers were mobilized at the facility (including machine operators), 16 units of heavy equipment.
The total percentage of readiness of construction and installation works is 57.48%.

July 02, 2019

The enterprise of the Amur region LLC «Inzhpromstroi» continues to supply inert materials for the needs of the Amur gas processing plant «Gazprom», the construction of which is carried out in the Svobodnensky district of the region.
At the moment more than 60 000 tons of construction sand and 8 000 tons of crushed stone of fraction 5-20 for concrete works are realized.
The high volume of deliveries of «Inzhpromstroi» ensures crushing and screening equipment (DSO) designed to produce building sand, crushed stone cube, and elimination. The equipment was installed in March 2018 and allowed for a short time to increase the depth of processing of sand and gravel mixture to 75%, thereby reorienting the mortar and concrete plants for the consumption of products of «Inzhpromstroi». «Inzhpromstroi» specializes in licensed production and sale of mineral resources (construction sand, rocky ground, sand-gravel mixture) and is a part of the Group of companies «PROMSTROI».

June 25, 2019

JSC «Promstroi» received the gratitude of LLC «SIBUR Tobolsk».
The management of the project office «Creation of a new production of maleic anhydride» SIBUR Tobolsk LLC in the person of Vladimir Mishin expressed gratitude to the Tobolsk team of JSC «Promstroi» (head Nikolai Yakovlev) for the successful repair of the existing water supply network «B3» in the construction site.
In the letter of thanks also noted the responsible approach to solving business issues, as well as operational and coordinated work of the team of JSC «Promstroi», which allowed to quickly and efficiently repair the network «B3».
Congratulations to our colleagues!

June 19, 2019

In the framework of the project «Creating a new production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons per year at the site of Sibur Tobolsk LLC», the general contractor for the preparatory period of which is Promstroi JSC, currently:

  • 128 thousand m3 of soil has been developed
  • dismantling of reinforced concrete structures in the volume of 3.8 thousand m3
  • dismantling of pipelines in the amount of 3.7 thousand mp
  • 2 reinforced concrete wells weighing 13.5 tons were installed
  • 2 inserts were made in the fire-prevention water supply system for the main production of MAN
  • 3 trenches are made (2 of which are ready for pile fields)
  • proceeded to the device roads.

Completion of works in the area of responsibility of Promstroi JSC is scheduled for August 2019.

May 30, 2019

Within the framework of the project «Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year» on the Title 450 «Air emission treatment unit» Voronezh» JSC «Promstroi» together with representatives of the manufacturer have installed two units of regenerative thermal oxidation with a capacity of 2x50000 m3 of exhaust air per hour.
At the moment, 127 units of technological equipment and 716 tons of metal structures, 3385 m3 of concrete, 778.8 meters of engineering networks, 26 360 inch-diameter joints of technological pipelines have been installed at the facility in the area of responsibility of JSC «Promstroi».
222 workers (including machine operators) and 21 units of heavy machinery were mobilized at the facility.
The total percentage of readiness of construction and installation works is 47.68%.

May 29, 2019

LLC Inzhpromstroy, ahead of schedule, is working on the extraction of sand at the Bardagonskoye-1 field.
Hydraulic works were launched on May 16 as part of the implementation of the sand production plan in 2019. In work, the S-42 Dredger is used - a floating earth-moving machine intended for excavation of rocks lying under water and transporting them as part of a slurry (pulp) to the dump or to the enrichment plant.
The depth of the development of soil projectile - from 1.5 to 20 m.
Productivity of suction dredge type S-42 - 2000 m3/h on pulp.
Works are conducted around the clock.

May 20, 2019

Made overall progress on the project «Construction of the off-plot facilities of the complex ELOU-AVT, ultrasonic and cdor on the territory of JSC «Gazpromneft-ONPZ». Omsk OP has completed the installation of pipelines on the TK-6 overpass: 17 production lines, 10 combs, 37 heat satellites. Pipeline testing is 100% complete. Works on corrosion protection of pipelines, thermal insulation works (performed by 30%) and delivery of as-built documentation are underway.
On the overpass TK5.1 tests of pipelines (45 production lines tested, 33), insulation pipes is made by 30%.

May 07, 2019

The total percentage of readiness of the construction site «Increasing the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year» at the end of April amounted to 38.83%: 97 units of technological equipment, 527.4 tons of metal structures were mounted, 3270 m3 of concrete were poured , 607 meters of engineering networks were laid, 16094 inch-diameter joints of technological pipelines were welded. The facility mobilized 186 personnel workers (including machine operators), 8 units of heavy equipment.

April 29, 2019

Chief specialist of labor protection and industrial safety of JSC «Promstroi» Olesya Shevchenko was awarded the Gratitude of the Head of the Directorate of LLC «Zapsibneftekhim» for caring and responsible performance of their duties, as well as for an active position in the field of labor protection.
In «Promstroi» Olesya came in 2015 as a master to the construction site «Modernization of the GF-2 complex». And in February 2016, on the advice of the Director of the branch, she moved to the service of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.
«It is the fact that I worked in the production, as they say: «inside the construction process» - helps me to better and better perform their professional functionality. I love my profession, I consider it one of the most necessary and important at the construction site. After all, to save life is the most important Mission of a Specialist of labor Protection. I was very lucky with the team. And with all responsibility I can say that Promstroi is a really strong team of professionals, which can handle any, even the most complex projects. The more complex – the more interesting.
Like anyone who loves and lives his profession, my dream - more interesting work...albeit difficult ... But I will put all my knowledge to ensure that the work was safe. To achieve success and implementation of tasks, it is necessary «TO BE, not to seem» - to be a professional in the chosen profession».

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